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UN Takeover of the Internet???

There has been a lot of videos and articles recently about the UN supposedly taking over the internet on Oct.1 2016.
Is ths true? well as of writing this article it is Oct.2nd and we are still online. Freedom Free For All is still broadcasting both online and on Cable TV.

Many many news organizations have been talking about this since the Obama Administration gave up oversight to ICANN ,which stands for Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers, in 2014. You can peruse their website here

There is a serious problem in having the internet centralized under any sort of monopoly, either by the US Government or the UN. The solution is of course, DE-Centralization. Many of you are now going to ask “well duh but how do we de-centralize the internet”? James Corbett talked about the real solution to this on a recent episode of The Corbett Report. Blockchain technology can be used to create censhorship free internet…That BEGS to be repeated….Blockchain Tech can be used to create CENSORSHIP FREE websites…no one can touch them. Just watch this episode and James can descibe it better then I can

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Josh Steffler

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