Telus angers its customers for supporting the Carbon Tax

Telus recently faced a massive customer backlash for tweeting its support for the blatent cash grab, known as Trudeau’s new Carbon Tax. The Telecommunications giant caused quite a controversy over this tweet;

telus-carbon-tweetTelus also issued this statement on their website to go along with their supportive tweet for oppressive taxes on the air we breathe;

“We are pleased to hear that Canada will put a price on carbon emissions, as most of the world’s biggest economies are doing.  Carbon pricing is the most economically effective way to reduce emissions and stimulate clean innovation – which will be critical to Canada’s success in a changing global economy.”

But unlike the corporate disnformation highway known as “media” constantly repeating the climate alarmism, the real people are not having any of it anymore. Climate doom and gloomers have cried wolf too many times for the average citizen to be affected by their lies. People immediately started tweeting Telus to say they will be disconnecting from them or changing sercive providers because of their political stance on a life giving gas. Here are a few tweets in response, and you can find plenty more on Twitter;




Feel free to go to Twitter and let Telus know your own opinions on their stupid move. Telus had to respond quickly and tried to backpedal saying it was not a political tweet with this “apology” here;


Carbon Taxes are corporate welfare, and they are theft and they are based on a fraud, suggesting Humans are causing the climate change, even though history shows the climate changes all the time…

Here at Freedom Free For All we have been trying our best to fight the corporate media shilling for the carbon communists and offering the other side of the debate, because the “Science is NOT settled”. Have a look at our good friend and champion against the CO2 SCAM Dr.Tim Ball on one of our shows below.


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-Josh Steffler

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