Sovereignty and Land Ownership under the N.W.O. Aussies push back!!!

Property ownership is PARAMOUNT to freedom. You cannot be free unless you have land and or a home to base your entire operation and life out of. What we live under now is NOT property ownership, the government du jour can at any time and with the ease of a stroke of the pen, take your property away. Leaving you Homeless and vulnerable to the whims of the state.

On our Jan. 17th show we invited Stewrt Jensen, an Aussie working with indigenous people to gain and reclaim their sovereign title on the land they live on.

We had Stewart on Freedom Free For All before talking about the Freedom Summit, watch that interview here;

Sovereignty and the idea of citizens and individuals becoming their own sovereign nations is the death knell to the New World Order, and the corporate media and government propaganda is intense and is purposeful in the intent to make these people look like Moochers, or Layabouts, or Domestic Terrorists. They just want everything for free and have to pay no taxes. But sovereignty is NOTHING to fear, and ALL about freedom to govern oneself and your community.

First Nations in BC have attained this sovereign title and ability to self govern, just look at the Nisgaa and more recently the Anishinabe – or the more “radical” Sovereign Squamish Nation. Watch their video here because this is how to push back against Banks


How did the government gain title to the land orginally? How can they lay claim to that which they never owned in the first place?

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