RCMP Officer Named in Surrey Creep Catcher Sting

The Surrey Creep catchers finally have some vindication!!! After many news stories about how these “vigilantes” actions never amount to criminal charges, the officer in a recent video has been named and charged.

Conts. Dario Devic has been charged with 2 offences;
attempting to lure a child under the age of 16
breach of trust by a public officer.

The lawyer for Conts. Devic is Rishi Gill said in an email to CTV Vancouver “He is very concerned with the conduct of Surrey Creep Catchers given they have misidentified somebody already,”

Devic’s next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 19.

Congrats to Surrey Creep Catchers for their vidication, let us hope this does not get swept under the rug.

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