New Media is Winning

More and more we have “Mainstream Media” rallying against New Media sources like Freedom Free For All, World Alternative Media and others. The Establishment and their gatekeepers continue to mock new media, suggesting that the public is incapable of deciphering between facts, fiction and opinion. Some have even suggested that there needs to be some sort of government license or vetting to prevent “fake news” from propagating online.

The problem is that for the past 50 years or so, it has been the “Mainstream Media” that has been the pusher of fake news. Time and time again we have seen the media act as a mouthpiece for official government propaganda. You can take almost any event or time in recent history where the “media” has spun the truth to fit an official narrative.

Lets take a look at SOME of the lies and fake news “media” has delivered into the brains of an unsuspecting populace;

9/11 – Media is STILL telling us cave dwelling freedom haters with satphones brought down the towers and staged the biggest attack on American Soil since Pearl Harbour.

Climate change – Oh god…please dont get me started on the lies…from the “hockey stick” to the “greatest threat to humanity” to “Arctic ice will be gone by 2013

Vaccines are perfectly safe – you hear the same siren song every flu season… ” get your damn vaccine” and there has never been any injuries from the ever increasing vaccine schedule, and some insideous reporters and media, propagate the theory of forced vaccines. SCARY!

These are just 3 stories that the “media” pushes that we know are false narratives.

Lets take a look at some of the Truths and rebuttals and investigations done by new media sources combatting the lies and propaganda machines of corporate weaponized media;

9/11 – New Media is constantly giving a platform for Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth There is so much that has come out of new media from evidence of thermite, controlled demolitions, mysterious stand down of the US Air Force. New Media has bee the standard bearer of truth in 9/11 since the beginning. Have a look at one of the many interviews with Richard Gage, founder of AE911Truth that Freedom Free For All has done.


Climate change – New Media has been hitting hard against corporate media on the pushing of global government and massive tax increases on CO2. None have hit harder then Freedom Free For All and World Alternative Media and their constant team up with world renowned climateologist and environmentalist Dr. Tim Ball We have shown empirical evidence that its the sun, and that there is a green/communist agenda to use fear of climate changing to bring in a world government. Tim has been on FFFA numerous times and even travelled to a freedom conference that was organized by Josh Sigurdson of WAM and his compatriot John Sneisen got to interview Dr. Ball on WAM


Vaccines are perfectly safe – We have seen New media and indie media produce multiple documentaries on Vaccine efficacy and safety. On Freedom Free For All we have interviewed Dr. Chris Shaw on the HPV vaccines and their safety, and we have also screened the film Vaxxed bringing the truth and alternative talking points and narratives and hidden facts forward on the MSM mantra that vaccines are perfectly safe, and pushing back that individuals should ALWAYS have the final say as to what gets injected into your body. We have 3 interviews with Dr. Chris Shaw and this was my (Josh’s) favourite;


In conclusion, veteran journalists and Mainstream, corporate media want you to distrust new media. It is quite clear that the people are no longer trusting the old guard. Their blatent pushing of government propaganda has shown there is a real need for a new guard, citizen journalists and internet based new media organizations can and DO bring that investigative spirit back to the “fourth estate”. Information should be filtered, but not by the government or the mega corporations, it should be left up to the individual to make the choice as to what is credible and what is important.

The “Mainstream Media” has dropped the ball, now is the time for New Media to pick that ball up and dominate the game in a way that the old tired dinosaurs could have never imagined!

-Josh Steffler

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