Monolithic global government?? What could go wrong?

More and more our nation’s sovereignty is falling under the crosshairs of the UN. We have the left wing state cultists pushing for more and more centralized government due to “climate change”. We have the right wing state cultists pushing for more centralized power to combat the “terrorists”. Meanwhile the International governance model pushed by the UN, UN Agenda 21 and more recently UN Agenda 2030, subverts our own national sovereignty and gives control of our country and communities to people who dont even live in them.

Ask yourself this;
Would you want Russians deciding taxation levels on your paycheck?
Would you want the Chinese deciding human rights in your country?
Would you want failed states dictating your economy?
Would you want Americans deciding your military spending?
Would you want Iran deciding liquor laws in your country?

Of course any rational Canadian would answer NO to all these hypothetical questions right? Yet our own government leaders keep pushing for more and more UN control and involvement. The Liberals are looking to bend over and take it over CO2 levels…Seriously!!!

We face a grevious threat to individual freesom and national sovereignty from the climate alarmists. Pushes from the UN to control our economy over CO2 emissions. Luckily here at Freedom Free For All, we have proven time and time again it is not humans causing the climate to change. We have had poweful discussions, reports and the most prestigious climate scientist, Dr. Tim Ball on our show over and over.

We need your help to fight this cultural infiltration and insanity, you can help by having conversations with your friends and family, letting them know, the sky is not falling. You can help by sharing this documentary with your family caled Global Warming or Global Governance. Defend your freedom, protect your liberty because the climate commies are coming for them.

You can also like and share our show with Dr.Tim Ball where we discuss Global Governance on your social media platforms.

Think about the Canada you want to live in…Is it the True North, strong and free??? or is it some homogenized culture of guilt and suffering under restrictive policies ordered by people you have never met and will NEVER set foot in your community…The choice is yours.

Josh Steffler – Freedom Free For All TV

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