Island “Health” bans edible cannabis or “Medibles”

In Victoria BC we have a growing number of cannabis dispensaries. The market is fine with the number actually, turns out, cannabis is a very popular product and there is a high consumer demand for cannabis in it’s many forms. In almost every single dispensary you can find a variety of cannabis products, from the raw flower and pre rolled “joints” to every single imaginable edible product. You can find gummy candies, cookies, salves and balms, sodapop, lollypops, hard candy, brownies, butter, oil and so much more.

The owners of these dispensaries are providing a service and a product that the community is willing to pay for voluntarily. It is very convenient for many medicinal users to head to a local shop, pick up a cookie or candy, consume in the privacy of their own home, especially when VIHA has taken up banning the smoking of anything in almost every single building in Victoria, which includes medicinal cannabis BTW. So far so good right? no violation of the non agression principal, no use of force or coercion on customers and cannabis users.

Last week, VIHA recieved an anonymous complaint….ONE complaint about the edibles in a shop on Gorge Rd called Medijuana… James Whitehead, owner of Medijuana Dispensary on Gorge Road says his store was forced to remove and dispose of all edible cannabis products and he was told all dispensaries in Victoria would come under the same scrutiny. “This complaint seems to have triggered the enforcement arm of VIHA and as I understand it that’s it. This is going to come down to members of the public making a strong argument for why edibles should exist.”

The notice posted at Whiteheads store, by VIHA,  indicates Island Health is banning the sale of edible cannabis because cannabis is not recognized as a food ingredient in the Food and Drugs Act.




So get this, the government agency of Doctors and people who are “responsible” ,and I use that term ironically, who tell us smoking anything is bad for us, has now BANNED the sale and production of the safest way to ingest cannabis that is DOCTOR RECCOMMENDED… Eating it rather then smoking it…

More and more it looks like the government in Victoria, Municipal, Provincial and Federal and all its crony organizations (like VIHA) are acting like The Commission. Remember them? Brutal gangsters who ran the city, and had you pay protection money to, just in case the bad dudes they also ran came by and paid you an unfriendly visit.

With all this being said there is one important fact that VIHA is either forgetting or intentionally ignoring, and that is In 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that medical marijuana can be legally consumed in a range of ways, including through edibles and oils, and not just in its dried form. Read the ruling here

The ruling all began with the arrest of local Victoria pot baker, Owen Smith. A baker for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, he was found and arrested with more than 200 cookies and 26 jars of liquids, including cannabis-infused massage oils and lip balms. The baker was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and unlawful possession of marijuana. At his trial, Smith argued that the law under which he was charged was unconstitutional and violated Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees the right to life, liberty and security of the person.  The British Columbia trial judge agreed and acquitted him. A B.C. Appeal Court also ruled in Smith’s favour, under the principle that no one can be convicted of an offence under an unconstitutional law.

Here at Freedom Free For All we have tons of respect for those who fight the system, challenge the man, and fight for freedom. We have this heroic baker, Owen Smith joining us for our show LIVE this Tuesday night, March 21, at 7:30pm. Watch the show live on Youtube  

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Until then, enjoy this short video which shows the dark nature of criminalizing a wonderful flower like Cannabis

–  Josh Steffler

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