Escaping The Clutches of The State with Stephen C. Barns

January 15 2019

Tonight on Freedom Free For All we’ll be talking to author Stephen C. Barns about disabled people in Canada and how they are abused by the state.

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Stephen C. Barns

Stephen C. Barns

As a man with physical limitations due to disability, and as a man facing challenges with a learning disability, and a man that has now been opened to how the government holds people with disabilities down, as i’ve been failed by the state-run school systems, opened peoples eyes to how that can happen. for my writing, and film.

I need help to do editing of some writing materials, and film. as I have worked to find myself and refocus on what I love to do, as i have been educated by libertarians and open-minded people, I want to pay forward and educate people through my work but as minimum wage laws have affected hours, and an old computer crash, I am doing this gofundme, to raise some money for new equipment such as a new laptop, and a new copy of Adobe Editing Software, possibly one more camera. and as I need some help to pay for some minimum wage costs.

I want to work. I want to do what I’m good at. if you can, please share or help to raise funds for this project. Having my ability to do my work makes me feel if i work hard at it, i will reach success and grow as a writer and artist.

I have sold some writing on, most recently my fight for liberty, my fight stuck in the system. contrary to popular belief, people with disability do want to work, but societal programming makes it hard.
If we could reach the funds, there would be 3 speaking shows in Northern Ontario with promotional shirts


4,500 Ontario cannabis customers have personal data stolen

The Ontario Cannabis Store says a data breach through Canada Post has affected information from 4,500 customers.

In a privacy update on its website, the OCS said the breach late on Nov. 1 affected about two per cent of its customer orders, and information was accessed by a person using a Canada Post delivery tracking tool.

The OCS said it has informed Ontario’s privacy commissioner of the breach and all affected customers.


Enjoy it while you can Cannabis Canada, your edge is already eroding

Green Growth Brands Ltd., a U.S.-based cannabis retailer with a large footprint in Nevada, was all geared up to enter the Ontario market until an unexpected announcement in mid-December by the province placed a drastic cap on the number of retail licences issued for pot shops.

Citing supply concerns, the provincial government changed its rules from handing out more than 1,000 promised licences to a mere 25, which are being be chosen using a lottery system.

“We had hoped to have 25 stores in Toronto. But now, I don’t know if we’re even going to be in Ontario,” said Peter Horvath, chief executive of Columbus, Ohio-based Green Growth Brands. “We have the wherewithal to execute and generate tax revenues for the province. I’m not sure this was the best fiduciary move for them.”


The Police Can Now Force You To Take A Breathalyzer Test At Home

Over the holidays, the police in Canada were able to demand a breathalyzer test from drivers even if they didn’t have any reasonable suspicions. And if you thought that was a little invasive, you won’t believe what else they’re allowed to do.

According to the new impaired driving laws in Canada, the police can now legally demand a breathalyzer test from you even when you’re not driving a vehicle. That means they can now breathalyze you in restaurants, in bars, and even in your own house!

Let’s say you’re drive home after a long day of work and after you get there you start having some drinks. The cops show up at your door claiming someone saw you driving suspiciously and you now have to submit to breathalyzer test.


One person injured in Haig St. fire Saturday night

A fire at a multi-residential building on Haig Street Saturday night injured one person, according to a press release from Greater Sudbury Fire Services.

Firefighters were called out to the two-storey building at 8:13 p.m. Dec. 8.

One unit was affected by the blaze, which resulted in minor smoke damage.

The person who was injured was a civilian and not a firefighter. One person was also displaced as a result of the fire.

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