Creep Catchers Victoria – Gotta Catch ’em All

Freedom Free For All is proud to support the dangerous but necessary work of the Creep Catchers Organization. We are lucky enough to have a group in our city who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect children and out the creeps who would chat them up online and meet up for sex with. Gross I know….This is just a symptom of our justice system gone awry…

Too often it seems non violent crimes are punished much more harshly in the Canadian system of Justice then the real dangerous and violent criminals…While the victims have to suffer much more then the piddley jail times given to pedophiles if and when they are finally caught and jailed.

The Police and RCMP do not look kindly upon these brave men and women for trying to keep our streets safer for kids and being vigilant watching for sexual predators of children. INSTEAD they constantly reach out to MSM to help push the propaganda of fear and division that the Creep Catchers are doing something wrong and immoral. Just check out these 2 of many stories of police condemning the acitons of our friendly neighbourhood creep catchers

Sadly here at Freedom Free For All, we think the “authorities” are concerned that one of their own will be caught in a sting…we have heard all too often of child sex rings in places of power, like the UK VIP Pedo-ring or the Sheriff recently caught by a different group of pedo hunters in Kamloops.

Fortunately here at Freedom Free For All we give the heroes a chance to speak their truth to power. This Tuesday September 6th we have Gregory Fox, President of Creep Catchers Victoria coming into our studio for a LIVE interview. Get the truth and hear from the real vigilant citizens of Creep Catchers here;
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-Josh Steffler

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