Climate Change dropped from White House website

“The requested page “/energy/climate-change” could not be found.”

That is what comes up when you try to visit the old climate change page on

It is the dawn of a new era of climate science…REAL climate science, not this alarmist/activist junk being pushed on governments by idealogues such as Elizabeth May, Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio

Our guest on this week’s show is renowned climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball returning from a visit with President Trump’s cabinet to discuss energy policy and climate change.

Last time we had Tim on our show he totally debunked the tired old propaganda of “97% of scientists agree” and did so in under 2 minutes!!! Please share this video around after enjoying it here


Here at Freedom Free For All we have been fighting the climate alarmists since the very beginning and are always pleased to have such a great friend of truth, Dr. Tim Ball join us to discuss climate reality. We MUST continue to resist the fakenews and propaganda pushed by CNN and CBC and MSNBC that are trying their hardest to bring in a Global Carbon Tax and punish individuals for their energy use. Climate alarmism has always been about CONTROL, control of your energy use, control of your cities infrastructure and planning, control of your mobility…

This may be the END of UN Agenda 2030 and UN Agenda 21 my friends, the people are over taxed and are starting to push back against that agenda. They want FREEDOM! Freedom to live their lives without a government nanny state reguating every aspect of their lives. Freedom to drive a car if they so choose, or live in the rural communities that have always truly connected us to nature. Freedom to resist being crammed into UN AGENDA 21 global mega cities, homogenous “smart” towns planned by eco-fascists and as we have always caled them on our show, WATERMELONS. As in Green on the outside but RED on the inside. We will continue to bring you the truth about climate change every time we speak about it, we are NOT afraid to call BULLSHIT on the climate hysteria.

In case you have not figured it out yet…Of course we believe the climate changes, as Dr. Tim Ball has said numerous times on our show, its the sun that drives the change, not humans.

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Josh Steffler

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