BC Libertarian Party to REPEAL the Carbon Tax this 2017 election

On our first show of 2017 we have Clayton Welwood, Leader of the BC Libertarian Party as our guest. We will be discussing one of the planks in the recently adopted party platform. They have been bold enough to REPEAL the hated Carbon Tax. This tax has been touted by many climate alarmists as a major solution to our CO2 output.

As of right now, the BC Libertarian party is the ONLY party to commit to repeal the carbon tax. I think it is safe to say we know the NDP would love to increase the tax ( as they always love more taxes ) and the Liberals want to keep the tax as is, the ol’ status quo.

Here is Dr. Tim Ball destroying the 97% propaganda on FFFA ;

A quick search on google can bring many articles denouncing the CO2 tax from both left wing and right wing economists and politico’s. Here you can see one article from the left’s beloved Tyee Online news rag, where Marc Lee a PRO Carbon Tax economist says the following;

Let’s cut the crap about B.C.’s carbon tax. The impact of the carbon tax has been overstated by people who love carbon taxes, and it’s annoying that the tax has generated so much uncritical praise.” — Marc Lee, pro-carbon tax economist.”

Even further left wing we see Ecosocialists Vancouver denounce the Carbon tax as a failure with this quote from their website

” British Columbia’s carbon tax failed to reach the reduction targets necessary to ensure a sustainable climate, demonstrating that carbon taxes are not a viable policy solution to climate change.”


We even had CBC report on the Auditor General of BC give a damning report on how the place the BC Carbon tax money goes to, The Pacific Carbon Trust, was a big scam and how the BC Government was taxing SCHOOLS and HOSPITALS under this Carbon Tax, and misapproproating the money to things other then its carbon neutrality plan.


Even more sad is the Carbon tax just hurts the poorest of BC’s Citizens and they acknowledge that by giving people a pittance bribe every month to “offset” the higher cost of fuel, food and everything else people buy and the ONLY way out is to join the BC Libertarian party this election in REPEALING this regressive and vindictive and fraudulent TAX. Time and time again here at FFFA we have shown the Carbon alarmists to be completely wrong and that there is no need for a tax on Carbon.

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