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CRD Directors Seek Declaration of a Climate Emergency

Victoria BC under a state of climate emergency so says Ned Taylor, CRD Director, on local Marxist radio station, CFAX 1070. SUPPORT FFFA ON PATREON Support us by buying these mugs and tees CRD DIRECTORS SEEK DECLARATION OF A CLIMATE EMERGENCY Ned Taylor, Lisa Helps, and Maja Tait will be submitting a […]


Escaping The Clutches of The State with Stephen C. Barns

January 15 2019 Tonight on Freedom Free For All we’ll be talking to author Stephen C. Barns about disabled people in Canada and how they are abused by the state. SUPPORT FFFA ON PATREON Support us by buying these mugs and tees Stephen C. Barns As a man with physical limitations due […]


Motion 103 & Islamophobia: Tim Moen vs. Azeezah Kanji

Join FREEDOM FREE FOR ALL as we live stream this debate to YouTube and Facebook. We will be the exclusive broadacsters of the event. Presetned by: Students in Support of Free Speech & Students for Liberty Motion 103 & Islamophobia Is condemnation of Islamophobia an abridgement of free speech? How can we respect religion but […]


Island “Health” bans edible cannabis or “Medibles”

In Victoria BC we have a growing number of cannabis dispensaries. The market is fine with the number actually, turns out, cannabis is a very popular product and there is a high consumer demand for cannabis in it’s many forms. In almost every single dispensary you can find a variety of cannabis products, from the […]


M103 is ALREADY censoring the press

As many of you know, M103 has been introduced to the House of Commons by Iqra Khalid, the Liberal member of parliament for Mississauga-Erin Mills. The motion as described by MP Khalid is as follows; That, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate […]


New Media is Winning

More and more we have “Mainstream Media” rallying against New Media sources like Freedom Free For All, World Alternative Media and others. The Establishment and their gatekeepers continue to mock new media, suggesting that the public is incapable of deciphering between facts, fiction and opinion. Some have even suggested that there needs to be some […]

Judge Wally Opal

Citizen Justice Against Police Abuse of Power

Andrew Mclean has been through a long road searching for justice. We have had him on our show as a guest from the very beginning of his ordeal with Saanich Police performing an illegal stop and search on him, to tonight’s show bringing the verdict and conclusion (we hope) of the unlawful use of force […]


Climate Change dropped from White House website

“The requested page “/energy/climate-change” could not be found.” That is what comes up when you try to visit the old climate change page on It is the dawn of a new era of climate science…REAL climate science, not this alarmist/activist junk being pushed on governments by idealogues such as Elizabeth May, Al Gore and […]


Sovereignty and Land Ownership under the N.W.O. Aussies push back!!!

Property ownership is PARAMOUNT to freedom. You cannot be free unless you have land and or a home to base your entire operation and life out of. What we live under now is NOT property ownership, the government du jour can at any time and with the ease of a stroke of the pen, take […]


BC Libertarian Party to REPEAL the Carbon Tax this 2017 election

On our first show of 2017 we have Clayton Welwood, Leader of the BC Libertarian Party as our guest. We will be discussing one of the planks in the recently adopted party platform. They have been bold enough to REPEAL the hated Carbon Tax. This tax has been touted by many climate alarmists as a […]

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